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Park christian services

Join us to rediscover the path to happiness and joy through Christ - You cannot do it alone.

Every Week

Primary Service - Sunday 10:00 am
Kids Service - Wednesday 6:00 pm

Alternating Weeks

The Well - Returning in Fall 2020


At Park Christian Church, there is a wide range of ages...and we have something for everyone!

At our Celebration Service on Sunday mornings, everyone arrives to a warm welcome and has the opportunity to chat and visit in a friendly, casual atmosphere prior to the service. You'll observe people dressed in a wide variety of clothing from suits and skirts to jeans and even shorts and sandals in the summer. At Park Christian Church, we want our members and visitors to feel welcome and comfortable so that you have the opportunity to focus on the sermon and love of your surroundings.

When the music starts, you'll find that it's contemporary and extremely upbeat consisting of keyboards, drums, electric and bass guitars, and much more. Our musicians are well-known artists in the area and love bringing the congregation to their feet to celebrate the joy of Jesus Christ and to praise God. 

Rooted in scripture and practical life experience, the sermons are motivational and filled with messages of hope, caring and encouragement. The combination of our musical presentations, videos and other interactive communication channels contribute to an uplifting worship experience that will inspire you and re-captivate your focus towards God. Join us this Sunday to celebrate, connect and grow in a way that puts you on a path to reach your full potential.